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2nd%20exam - IE 300 GE 331 Spring 2009 Midterm Exam Name(in...

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IE 300 / GE 331 Spring 2009 Midterm Exam April 23, 2009 Name (in BLOCK CAPITALS): UIN: Signature: Instructions This exam is closed book and closed notes (and closed neighbor) except that two 8 . 5” × 11” sheets of notes is permitted: both sides may be used. Calculators, laptop computers, PDAs, iPods, cellphones, e-mail pagers, headphones, etc. are not allowed. The exam consists of five problems worth a total of 100 points. Not all problems are worth the same points. Write your answers in the spaces provided. Except for the TRUE/FALSE questions, you have to SHOW YOUR WORK. Answers without appropriate justification will receive very little credit. If you need extra space, use the back of the previous page or the scratch paper at the end of this booklet. 1
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2 Problem 1. [21 points] Let X and Y be two independent jointly continuous random variables, and W and Z be two uncorrelated jointly continuous random variables. Further let a and b be two real numbers. Read each line below carefully, and circle TRUE if the statement is true
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