Study Guide Midterm 1 - Study Guide Midterm 1*law of...

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Study Guide Midterm 1 *law of multiple proportions ex. CO and CO2. *law of conservation of mass and who discovr it. *the chemist who perform truly quatitative experiments. *naming elements/ compounds such as Mg(HSO4), H2SO4, HCl, HCN, Iron(111)oxide,. .... *atomic#, atomic mass,the #p, #e, #n. ex.Mg2+ how many e,p,and n. *how many atoms are in Ca2(po4). *converting grams to mole, mole to atoms or molecules.(1mole = 6.02x10^23 atoms) * convert mole to grams, study the stoichiometry and sole text book problems. *study chemical equations and how to balance chmical equations.Remember the coefficint is the number you used to balance the equation, and the subscript the one you write under the symbole of the element( can not change it when you balance the equation). *study oxidation- reduction reaction' precipitation reaction,. .. *study empirical and molecular formula, and how to find the molecular formule if you have the empirical formula and the molar mass of the compound. polar and non polar molecules. study molarity M= mole of solute/liter solution calculate the molarity if you have the mass of the solute. *study dilution M1 X V1 = M2 X V2 ( SOLVE PROBLEMS)
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Study Guide Midterm 1 - Study Guide Midterm 1*law of...

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