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Math Project - basic idea for the surveys select 6 poems a...

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basic idea for the surveys select 6 poems a different poem will be pasted on evey 6th survey and then the results will be calculated questions should be basically about- the poem the impact it has on the readers their feelings towards it what they understood by it main theme of the poem is constant - the authors personifying something ordinary the target audience would be people of 17 and above not more than 12-15 questions the poems are as follows the poems will be 1- short and simple Here lies a most beautiful lady, Light of step and heart was she: I think she was the most beautiful lady That ever was in the West Country. But beauty vanishes; beauty passes; However rare, rare it be; And when I crumble who shall remember This lady of the West Country? personifying a woman (Walter De La Mare) 2 - slightly short but slightly difficult to interpret For the man who says He tires of his child
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There are no flowers Basho The Burning sun Sunk in the sea By the Mogami river Basho That soon they will die
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