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ECOLOGY - Only 10 of energy consumed is used up by the body...

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ECOLOGY Ecology is the study of organisms in relation to their environment Habitat is the place where an organism lives and reproduces Adaptation : [over generations] Adjustements or special features that wan organism aquires as it evolves that helps it to survive better Habitat Adaptation Survival is the perpetuation of species Population is the number of one species at a particular time Community : Many populations livibng together and interacting in a habitat Energy transfer in food chain:
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Unformatted text preview: Only 10 % of energy consumed is used up by the body itself of a species. Plants [10,000 kJ] Deer [1000 kJ] The amount of energy received by the last member of the chain is the least. A longer food chain is not efficient as the last member will then receive hardly any energy important for survival Maximum number of links is only 5. 5 th link members generally don’t survive. They will need to consume more species in number as each provides only little amount of energy....
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