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In operational form, the key difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is choice or self indulgence. A dictator, despot and sometimes an oligarch has ABSOLUTE rule over the nation state. The laws that govern the rights of the people, the economy and private property fall under despotic rule in a dictatorship. Not necessarily the ideal environment. In a democracy, the citizens have choice to create laws and to maintain private property. Self-indulgence allows for the people to choose what is best for them rather than having some one else tell them what is best for them. With the option to choose, where laws, the economy and personal liberties develop from there are up to the people. In a free society of choice, they tend to evolve into a social contract, creating a majority rule. (This explanation is regarding to what democracy is at its base and not the common conception of democracy, and probably the one used in this topic is that of the United State's model
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Unformatted text preview: of democracy, which would obviously differ in comparison at a developed stage.) Speaking to minority groups and how there is always someone unhappy about something regardless of which political system you live in. In a dictatorship you are sentenced to be unhappy with it the rest of your life. In a democracy you have the ability to try and make a change. Speaking to efficiency. Dictatorships may be more efficient, but efficient at what? Efficient in passing new laws persecuting and oppressing certain groups, or efficient in raising taxes? Yes there could be efficiency in new tax breaks or other policies, as most anything has some positive effects. Yes there is efficiency in a dictatorship, but at what expense? There is a huge sacrifice in freedom and personal liberties in a dictatorship that I will never be willing to forgo in the name of efficiency or anything else short of the security of other personal freedoms. Queue another topic...
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