Patient Assessment - VS - Pulse-1

Patient Assessment - VS - Pulse-1 - EMS SKILL EMS SKILL...

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Unformatted text preview: EMS SKILL EMS SKILL PATIENT ASSESSMENT / VITAL SIGNS PULSE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES The examinee will demonstrate proficiency in performing an accurate pulse assessment. CONDITION The examinee will be requested to perform an accurate pulse assessment on a patient who answers all questions and follows commands. The patient may be either seated in a chair or lying supine. The examinee will assess the radial pulse while the examiner assesses the opposite radial or brachial pulse to determine the accuracy of the assessment. Necessary equipment will be adjacent to the patient. EQUIPMENT Live model, timing device, stethoscope, goggles, mask, gown, gloves. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA y 100% accuracy required on all items designated by a diamond ( ) for skills testing and must manage successfully all items indicated by double asterisks (**). y Documentation, identified by the symbol (), must be practiced, but is not a required test item. y Appropriate body substance isolation precautions must be instituted. y Reading must be within +/- 4 beats/minute of examiners determination. PREPARATION Skill Component Key Concepts Take body substance isolation precautions y Mandatory personal protective equipment - gloves y Situational - goggles, mask, gown Locate the most common arterial points: y Central- carotid - femoral - apical y Peripheral- brachial - radial - ulnar - popliteal - tibial (posterior tibial) - pedal (dorsalis pedis) y Students should be able to locate and palpate all major arterial points. y An auscultated apical pulse should be taken on pediatric patients, trauma patients with no detectable pulse, and on patients who are to be pronounced dead in the field....
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Patient Assessment - VS - Pulse-1 - EMS SKILL EMS SKILL...

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