ECIV 360 Chapter 2 Linear Systems

ECIV 360 Chapter 2 Linear Systems - Part 2 Linear Systems...

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1 ECIV 360 Civil Engineering Systems Prof. Bill X. Yu Spring, 2009 Part 2 Linear Systems Requirements Properties of linear system Linear system analysis Signals and Systems System Concept Design Measurement Analyses Engineers Solve Systems with Signals Forward and inverse problems in engineering and science Cont. Forward problems Design of systems Design of a structure, foundation or transportation system Predict output Flood discharge after rainfall, or numerical simulations Inverse problems System identification Determine materials properties, transducer calibration, earthquake record, speed of vehicle before collision
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2 Estimate system structure from signals Active survey: low frequency not reflected by small target but by large target Cont. Passive survey Earthquake monitoring network Stethoscope by physician Fishery Properties and Characteristics of Systems System Transform input signal x into output signal y Example systems with different degrees of complexity Examples Rubber band stretches with load applied Metal rod contracts when cooled A lamp swings when shaken by a tremor Water flows into a reservoir with a certain chemical composition and leaves with a different chemistry after a delay time Voice encoded by cellular phone to be transmitted through airwaves .. Properties of Physical Systems Causality Responses comes after input Fundamental hypothesis of science The search for explanation to a given event presumes the existence of a cause
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ECIV 360 Chapter 2 Linear Systems - Part 2 Linear Systems...

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