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Math Quiz Week 10


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TRANSPORTATION, TRANSSHIPMENT AND ASSIGNMENT PROBLEMS TRUE/FALSE 1.0 In a transportation problem, items are allocated from sources to destinations at a maximum cost. False 2.0 The linear programming model for a transportation problem has constraints for supply at each source and demand at each destination. True 3.0 In a balanced transportation model where supply equals demand, all constraints are equalities. True 4.0 The transshipment model is an extension of the transportation model in which intermediate transshipment points are added between the sources and destinations. True 5.0 In a transshipment problem, items may be transported from one transshipment point to another. True 6.0 An assignment problem is a special form of transportation problem where all supply and demand values equal 0. False 7.0 An example of a __________ point is a distribution center or warehouse located between plants and stores. Transshipment 8.0 In the linear programming formulation of the transshipment problem there is one _________ for each node. Constraint 9.0 A plant has 4 jobs to be assigned to 4 machines; each machine has different manufacturing times for each product. The production manager wants to determine the optimal assignments of 4 jobs to 4 machines to minimize total manufacturing time. This problem can be most efficiently solved using the _____________ model. Transportation 10.0 If the number of sources is greater than the number of destinations, then we have an _________ assignment problem. Unequal
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Chapter 10: Transportation, Transshipment, and Assignment Problems 11.0 A logistics specialist for Wiethoff Inc. must distribute cases of parts from 3 factories to 3 assembly plants. The monthly supplies and demands, along with the per-case transportation costs are: Destination Assembly Plant 1 2 3 Supply Source A 5 9 16 200 Factory B 1 2 6 400 C 2 8 7 200 Demand 120 620 60 a. What are your decision variables?
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