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Unformatted text preview: UNIT 6 MECHANICAL WAVES AND SOUND SUMMARY Major Topics: Waves and energy transport Transverse and longitudinal waves Speed of transverse waves on a. string Periodic waves Mathematical description of a wave Graphing waves Principle of superposition Reflection and refraction Interference and diffraction Standing waves Sound waves The speed of sound waves Amplitude- and intensity of sound waves Standing sound waves The human ear 'I‘imbre Beats The Doppler effect Shock waves Echolocation and medical imaging Assigned Reading: GRR, Chapters 11 8t 12 Comments in Study Guide Questions and Problems: Multiple Choice Questions Problems: See Assignments in Study Guide Self-Evaluation: Sample Test in Study Guide Self-Demonstrations: 6-1. Superposition of Sound Waves and Observation of Beats Major Laboratory Activities 1. Transverse Standing Waves on a String 2. Standing Sound Waves and Observation of Beats Videos: 6-1: Mechanical Waves, Seund 6-2: Standing Sound Waves Video: GT-1 Oscillosc0pe After completing Unit 6, you should be in command of the concepts, relationships, definitions, calculations as set forth in the “Master the Concepts” sections of Chapters 11 and 12, GRR. A C T IV IT IE S Watch Video 6-1 (time 26 min.) ReadGRRsec.11.1-11.3 Problems: 11.1,11.5,11.7,11.9,11.11 Read GRR sec. 11.4—11.6 Problems: 11.13, 11.17,11.l9,11.21,11.22, 11.25, 11.29 Read GRR sec. 11.7, 11.8 Problems: 11.31, 11.33,, 11.39 Read GRR sec. 11.9, 11.10 and Sunnnary Problems: 11.41, 11.45, 11.49,11.51,11.55, 11.57,11.60,11.65,11.69 Conceptual Questions 11.4, 11.6, 11.9, 11.10 Multiple Choice Questions 11.3, 11.4, 11.7, 11.8 Read GRR sec. 12.1-12.3 Problems: 12.1,12.5,12.9,12.11,12.16,12.18 Read GRR sec. 12.4-12.6 Problems: 12.21, 12.27, 12.29 Perform Laboratory Experiment #1 Perform Laboratory Experiment #2 Read GRR sec. 12.7—12.10 Problems 12.31, 12.33, 12.37, 12.38, 12.39, 12.41, 12.46, 12.47. 12.49, 12.60, Conceptual Questions 12.1, 12.4, 12.5, 12.9 Multiple Choice Questions 12.1, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6 Self Demo 6-1, Study Guide, p. 6-10 (see directions for oscilloscope listed below) Illustrative Problem in Study Guide, p. 6-10 Read How to use an Oscilloscom, Study Guide, pp. 6—11 to 6-12 View Video GT-l (10 min) Supplementary Problems, SG pp. 6—12 PrOblems 12,57,126], 12.65, 12.73 Review Objective List, Take Sample Test Get your notebook approved by a TA Take the Unit 6 Test in the Testing Center 5124106 SUBJECT MATTER Mechanical Waves, sound Waves and energy transport, transverse and Iongitudina] waves, speed of transverse waves on a string Periodic waves, mathematical description of a wave, graphing waves Principle of superposition, reflection and refractiOn Interference and diffraction, standing waves Sound waves, speed of sound waves, amplitude and intensity of sound waves Standing sound waves, timbre, the human ear Standing Waves on a suing Standing Waves in an air column Beats, Doppler effect, shock waves, echoiocatiou Obsewation of Beats Use of oscilloscopes Review ...
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