Unit12Summary - magnetic field Bubble chamber Mass spectrometer Cyclotron Synchrotron Read GRR sec 19.5 19.6 Problems 19.28 19.29 19.35 19.37

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My Blackboard All Blackboard Sites Home Help Logout Course Map Announcements Course Info/Calendar Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 Unit 13 Unit 14 Unit 15 Unit 16 Unit 17 Unit 18 all videos My Grades A C T I V I T I E S S U B J E C T M AT T E R Read GRR, sec. 19.1 - 19.2 Problems: 19.1, 19.5, 19.9, 19.11, 19.13, 19.15 Magnetic fields, Magnetic force on a point charge moving in a magnetic field, Earth's magnetic field, Direction of magnetic force Self-Demonstrations: 1. Magnetic Field with iron filings 2. Electron Beam in a Magnetic Field Tutorial: Right-hand rule Ask for demonstration #1 at the desk; shake the lucite block with filings and put the magnet in the central hole For #2, see directions at set-up. Read GRR, sec. 19.3 - 19.4 Problems: (19.18), 19.21, 19.22, (19.25), 19.26 See the "demo" of a charged particle in a magnetic field, Blackboard link Tutorial: Magnetic deflection of electron, Mass spectrometer, Cyclotron frequency Motion of a charged particle in a
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Unformatted text preview: magnetic field Bubble chamber, Mass spectrometer, Cyclotron, Synchrotron Read GRR, sec. 19.5 - 19.6 Problems: 19.28, 19.29, 19.35, 19.37, 19.39,19.41,19.42 Self-Demonstration: 3. Force on a Current Carrying Wire Tutorial: Proton in E and B fields Motion of charged particle in crossed E and B fields; Magnetic force on a current carrying wire For #3, see directions at set-up. Read GRR, sec. 19.7-19.8 Problems: 19.45, (19.49), 19.55, 19.61 Self-Demonstration: 4. Magnetic Field Near a Current-Carrying Wire Tutorial: Parallel currents, Field of a solenoid, Force on a current loop, Torque on a current loop Torque on a current loop; electric motor; galvanometer; sources of magnetic field: an electric current in a straight wire, a wire loop, a solenoid Definition of ampere; MRI For #4, see directions at set-up. Supplementary Problem on p. 12-3 of SG 1 of 1 5/16/09 12:48 PM...
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