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Barilla SpA_ A&B - Barilla SpA, A&B Barilla is...

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Barilla is vertically integrated and it operates its own flour mills, pasta plants, and bakery plants located throughout Italy. Barilla has two central distribution centers and 18 regional depots (small warehouses). Its product line is divided into “fresh” and “dry” goods, and each follow different distribution channels. Fresh products, with short (1-21 days) shelf life and high perishability, stay in CDC only several days and are purchased by independent agents, who then channel the products through regional warehouses. Dry products with medium or long shelf lives are either shipped to CDC and then purchased by distributors (65%) or shipped to depots (35%). The CDC mostly serve large chain or independent supermarkets, while depots serve small independent grocers. Dry products heading to a supermarket chain are distributed through the chain’s own distributor (GD), while those heading to an independent supermarket are channeled through a distributor (DO) acting as a central buying organization for a number of independent supermarkets. Both GDs and DOs have their own warehouses and fill supermarkets’ orders from their inventory. On the other hand, small independent grocers place their orders from Barilla
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Barilla SpA_ A&B - Barilla SpA, A&B Barilla is...

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