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Sport Obermeyer, Ltd - OM517 Case Paper#4 Sport Obermeyer...

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OM517: Case Paper #4 – Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. Obermeyer’s skiwear are manufactured in its Asian operations, which is managed by Obersport Ltd., a joint venture. Obersport is responsible for fabric and component sourcing for apparel production and monitoring product quality at subcontractor factories. Once design concepts are finalized for the new season, Greige fabrics are pre-positioned with fabric vendors across the world long before the full-scale production to cope with manufacturing lead times. As soon as the first production order from Obermeyer arrives, Obersport specifies printing/dyeing decisions to the vendors and places orders of other components and accessories. All production materials received by Obersport are then collected and dispatched to the factories in Hong Kong and China where a particular style is to be cut and sewn. Right after the Las Vegas trade show, retailers place 80% of their orders and Obermeyer places its second and final production orders. Early produced garments are transported from Obersport’s Hong Kong warehouse to Obermeyer’s Denver DC by ship and truck. Late productions are mostly air-shipped to Denver to ensure timely delivery to retailers. Garments produced in China are also often air- shipped due to strict quota restrictions. Obermeyer products are
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Sport Obermeyer, Ltd - OM517 Case Paper#4 Sport Obermeyer...

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