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HW8 - Chemistry 2070 Assignment 8 Due Friday November...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 2070 Assignment 8 Due: Friday, November 21 @2:00pm Name Lab TA_ Lab Day/Time Practice Problems. Chapter 23: 1,3, 5,7, 9. ghapter 24: 1, 3, 7, ll, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 , 23. 1. Draw all the stereoisomers of (a) Co(ox)(NH3)2+ and (b) Co(en)(NH3)zClz+ ; where ox = oxalate (C2042), and en = ethylene diamine (NH2C2H4NH2). Indicate which isomers are enantiomers of each other. 2. The complex C0(NH3)5Clz+is octahedral only in an approximate sense , because NH3 and Cl' have different ligand-field strengths. How would you modify the d—orbital energy levels of Co(NH3)63+ in formulating a splitting diagram for C0(NH3)5C12+. (Place the Cl' ligand along z—axis of your Cartesian coordinate system). How many d-d transitions are possible in the two complexes? Apply your theory to explain why C0(NH;.,)63+ is yellow (absorbs 430 nm light), whereas C0(NH3)5C12+ is purple (absorbs 530 nm light). 3. Predict which of the two complexes in the following pairs will have the lower energy d-d transition. In each case give a one line rationale. a) (30(NH3,)5(NO2)2+ or C0(NH3)5C12+ b) Co(NH3)_.-,Cl2+ or C0(NH3)5C1+ c) PtCIf- or Pu:- d) Co(Br)63' or Ir(Br)63' e) Co(CN)5H202’ or C0(CN)513' n V(NH3)62+ or Cr(NI—I3)62* g) RhCl4' or Rhle h) Cu(H20).52+ or Cu(NH3)62+ 4. Use crystal field theory to calculate the number of unpaired electrons in each of the following complexes. a) Mnle’ b) Mn(CN)63‘ 0) Nile‘ (tetrahedral) d) Ru(NH3)63+ e) Co(en)32+ f) FeOf’ g) Pdle‘ (tetrahedral) h) Pt(NH3)2C]22+ (square planar) ...
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