PopGenProblemSet_2_Spr2009 - Name _______________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Name _______________________ Section _________ 1 BioEE 2780 Population Genetics Problem Set 2 The completed problem set is due during section, April 14-16. This assignment is worth a total of 20 points and you must show your work to receive full credit. Problem 1. Drift and Selection in Mouse Populations (A) In our simulation of genetic drift in mouse populations, the frequency of alleles for coat color changed over time. We also know that the change in allele frequency due to drift on average causes a decrease in frequency of heterozygotes in a population. In our simulation, calculate the expected percent heterozygosity you would expect to be lost with each successive generation for each population type. (B) Suppose we had some real-world information about a population of mice with the same system of genetic control on coat color as our simulation. Suppose that in nature, predators are more easily able to detect baby mice when they have a light coat color (genotype LL)....
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PopGenProblemSet_2_Spr2009 - Name _______________________...

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