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Negative Effects of Technology among America’s Youth If you were to conduct a university-wide survey concerning how many students have created their own webpage such as Facebook or MySpace , chances are, the majority of the students on campus would reply that they have. American’s do not realize how much we rely and thrive off of technology and how much it has consumed our daily lives. Many people, when asked the question, “What is one thing that you could not live without?” many would answer, “My phone, my computer, or my iPod.” Take this situation back about fifteen or twenty years, you probably would not get this type of a response from people. Next time when out in public, look and see how many people have their cell phone attached to themselves; you might find them text messaging, talking on the phone, surfing the internet, or just like it sounds, attached to their body by a clip. There is no doubt that people use these sources as their ways of communication, but it has gone way too far and has become an addiction for the youth of America. Technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that it is hard to balance its effectiveness and drawbacks. Some of the newest technologies such as cell phones and social networking sites have had a negative and detrimental impact on today’s youth. Although cellular phones have been in existence for quite some time, they didn’t come into extreme use until 1987. Mike Singh states, “Bell labs and Motorola were both involved in a dramatic race to see who could invent the first viable cell phones. In 1973, Martin Cooper, a scientist working for Motorola successfully made the first ever cell phone call using a portable handset”. By 1987, there were over one million cell phone users in America, which has radically spread to a rough estimate of 190 million today (Singh, Noguchi). Having the ability to talk on
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the phone, send a message, or even browse the internet on your cell phone is convenient, but has caused many problems in today’s world. One of the major problems that we have encountered with cell phones has been their use while driving. Most any teen who has a cell phone could probably admit that they have texted a friend while driving. Many states have founded a ban for the use of cell phones while driving, which is a step in the right direction. On an odd note though, teens rebel against laws and systems, so this could be ineffective. Many teens today are constantly attached to their phones because text messaging and phone calls have become more important to them than other things. This constant connection has debilitated teens’ abilities to mature and grow independent. As I have personally noticed, cell phones have taken over people’s lives in such a way that students will text message or play on their phone rather than take notes and become involved in their classes. Being emotionally and physically attached to something as pointless as a cell phone can be damaging to a person in several ways. If you only
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final - Negative Effects of Technology among America's...

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