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ECE366 Introduction to Signal Processing, Summer 2009, Instructor: Y.Deng Homework 6 is due 07/06/2009 (Please submit your homework with your MATLAB Codes attached) 1. F.S. Example 1, Periodic square wave, use MATLAB and plot 0 , k a k , when 1 1 1 0 16 , 4 , 8 T T T T = . Please label your figures and turn in the MATLAB codes. [20 pts] 2. Prove the following CT F.S. Properties (LN_5 pp. 18): Parseval’s relation: energy is the same whether in the time-domain or the frequency-domain. [10 pts], prove the F.S. Multiplication property. [10 pts] 3. For F.S. Example 2, sketch the Fourier Spectrum and realize it in MATLAB.
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Unformatted text preview: Please label your figures and turn in the MATLAB codes [20 pts] 4. Find the inverse Fourier transform of X( ) for the spectra illustrated as follows. Hint: , this problem illustrates how different phase spectra (both with the same amplitude spectrum represent entirely different signals) [20 pts] 5. Use the duality property of Fourier transform to answer the following questions: [20 pts] a) Given Find the Fourier transform of b) Find the Fourier transform of...
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