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ECE366_summer09_hw4(1) - 3(30pts)Two linear time-invariant...

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ECE 366 Instructor: Y.Deng ECE 366 Introduction to Signal Processing Homework Assignment 4, Due on 6/22/2009 1. (30pts)Find the sketch the convolution of the given pairs of functions. You can use either the integration or the graphical method for convolution. Show all your work to receive full credit. 2. (20pts)Consider the following LTI systems with the given input-output relationships. For each case, find the impulse response of the system
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (30pts)Two linear time-invariant systems, each with impulse response h(t), are connected in cascade. Given input x(t) = u(t), determine y(2). That is, determine the step response at time t = 2 for the cascaded system shown. 4. (20pts)A system has an impulse response function shaped like a rectangular pulse, h(t) = u(t) – u(t-3). Is the system stable? Is the system causal? Is the system memoryless? Prove your answer....
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