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PHY LAB REPORT 9 (Collisions 2D).wps

PHY LAB REPORT 9 (Collisions 2D).wps - -1 COLLISIONS Twos...

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-1 COLLISIONS Twos Dimensions Jurmeyne Figura PHY 122 Lab Friday 11:50 - 1:40 pm Ajit Dhamdhere Group Memebers Krystal Klei Anthony Parisella
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I. Objectives In this lab, students are to understand the conservation of energies that occur during both elastic and inelastic inelastic collisions. They are to compare results with theory expected using the appropriate models for conservation of energy and/or momentum and/or rotational energy. Thereafter, students should be able to analyze and discuss the data and results. II. Procedure For this experiment students are given an air table and two pucks in which we will perform the collisions. One puck would start in motion, “incident puck” and a “target puck” with which the first puck would hit. Students then would videotape the collisions in order to analyze it frame by frame. Before performing the collisions, students should check if the table is level and if both the pucks have the same mass in order for calculations to be easier.
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