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Date___8/13/09___ Neuroscience in the News Topic : “Headaches” Migraines and Brain Lesions Presenter Names : Dana Young, Kassie Pimentel, Tammi Harnan, Lynn Bak and Iris Fang Facts: More than one in 10 adults and about one in 20 children have migraines. Migraines are more common in women than men, possibly due to hormones. The cause of migraines may be genetic or some originate in the brainstem. About a third of those who have migraines have an aura that precedes the migraine. Symptoms of an aura affect multiple systems. Symptoms of aura may be visual, like flickering lights, spots or lines, loss of vision, dazzling zigzag lines, or tunnel vision. One may also have sensory sensations of pins and needles, or numbness. Source 1 (Popular press) Reference: Seppa, N. (2009). Migraines May Carry Long-Term Baggage: Headaches with aura linked to brains lesions and possibly strokes. . Retrieved August 9, 2009, from http:// www.usnews.com/articles/science/2009/06/25/migraines-may-carry-long-term- baggage.html Synthesis of various studies that were exploring potential links between migraines and brain lesions Overall finding: women who suffer from aura migraines are more likely to exhibit microscopic brain damage compared to women who do not suffer from them However, the studies don’t reveal whether there is a direct cause and effect relationship between brain lesions and aura migraines, simply a correlation
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Headaches_Handout - Date_8/13/09_ Neuroscience in the News...

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