Epilepsy - Induced Epilepsy: The Pokmon Case Molly Unwin,...

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Induced Epilepsy: The Pokémon Case Molly Unwin, Lindsey Sprinkle, Anne Nunez, Stacie Hryniewicz, Stephanie Orrico The Pokémon Fiasco On December 16, 1997, Pokémon was aired as usual on 37 Japanese channels ~685 children taken to the hospital, ~560 with seizures (the rest with headaches, nausea, motion sickness, and visual distortion) 75% of these children had no prior history of seizures Seizure : uncontrolled electricity in the brain caused by the synchronized firing of large networks of neurons Symptoms Involuntary physical movement o Contracting and relaxing of muscles o Speech arrest o Involuntary turning of head and eyes o Vocalizations Sensory changes o Vision, hearing, balance, taste, smell Thought disturbances o Illusions of time, memory, sound and sight Physiological o Pale o Flushed o Dilated pupils o Sweating Seizures vs. Epilepsy Seizure: refers to the episode of an electrical storm in the brain o Can be further qualified by their length, severity and trigger o Some people experience an isolated seizure, without recurrence Epilepsy: a condition characterized by recurring seizures, suggesting an underlying
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Epilepsy - Induced Epilepsy: The Pokmon Case Molly Unwin,...

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