A5 - Nadia Shahin M Ward A5 Show what is wrong with our...

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Nadia Shahin M. Ward A5 11/28/08 Show what is wrong with our Environment! I am sitting down relaxing and turn on the television to see what is on the news today. One of the minor topics talked upon is our environment and how it is being polluted daily. There are many people in the world that can only argue their opinion came through what they see on TV, which of course is not what is truly happening. What they are not seeing is what is truly happening in our environment everyday. In the past Transcendentalist have said that nature was the gateway to God, but now the only thing that people look at is what they need to do in order to gain that most amount of money. No one stops to think what is being done in order to get this money and so call happiness. What they do not realize is they are killing everything around them in order for them to receive the most amount of money. In order to stop this continual killing of our earth, the world needs social and cultural values to be changed, along with more public awareness. Thinking about how we get our knowledge on topics that are happening in the world, one would say they get it from watching the news on television. What is the problem with this? Well, one may see that the news is very single minded. The news only tells the audience half of the story. They do not want to tell the whole story because it would be to alarming to the people watching at home. Is this a good thing that we are being censored from all the bad things going on? I do not believe so, because now we feel no need to change the way one is acting because nothing is going wrong. What we don’t know is there is harm being done. Our environment is one of these things that need
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to be paid more attention to. There are various worrying signs that our earth is going to reach a limit, or, already reaching a limit that ecological balance can no longer maintained. If we continue to treat the earth like we do today, it is very clear it would
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A5 - Nadia Shahin M Ward A5 Show what is wrong with our...

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