art and morality outline

art and morality outline - now take it on faith that at...

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Cartoons and Morals Thesis: Art has been used for many years to illustrate morals to people, especially through cartoon strips. I. Topic Sentence: It's not easy to teach the MTV generation of college students about the origins of modern philosophy and ethics. a. They use comic strips b. Instead of pontificating about existentialism, they examine "Calvin and Hobbes." c. "Calvin and Hobbes," the comic strip about a young boy and his stuffed tiger, is the all-time champion for providing examples of classic philosophy and ethical dilemmas. d. "Calvin and Hobbes" came along to rule the 1980s. e. Roberts and Campbell both insist that Watterson had to have some kind of formal philosophical training because the ideas and the language of many of the daily strips mirrored classic philosophical and ethical theories. f. comics provide a light introduction to very serious topics and, in their own way, give a 1990s sense of credibility to issues. i. "I've found that if I start talking in a heavy-handed way about suicide, sexual abuse, and battering, students get up and leave. I
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Unformatted text preview: now take it on faith that at least one student in my class has experienced those things. And when they see those issues in a comic strip, they aren't insulted or traumatized. They realize those issues are in the public consciousness."( Roberts,1 ) II. Topic Sentence: In art individual expression is very important in order to show morals a. Art such as cartoons are still moral where there is a world that you are able to express oneself b. Dont want people with bad thoughts c. When so people say that cartoon strips are harmful? III. Artist have to have morals in order to be able to create works a. What is moral about beauty as a viewer looking at the art? b. Does the writer have to be moral to be able to voice an opinion i. What happens when it vidates conventional morality 1. Is that art immoral or expression of oneself c. Do artist have an obligation to express themselves d. Why bring creativity to the art ?...
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art and morality outline - now take it on faith that at...

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