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blame - 1 Shahin Nadia Shahin M Ward Writing 140 A2 Blame...

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Shahin, Nadia Shahin M. Ward Writing 140 A2 September 25, 2008 Blame: Reaction to ones actions How do we react when someone does something wrong? One immediately starts thinking to identify someone to blame for the problem. Blame is a way for ensuring moral responsibility. Blame gives the responsibility of an action to one or more people while often ignoring the circumstances of the situation. While blame is the act of giving fault to a subject, it can also be a way of expressing ones opinions. Thomas Nagel, in his famous essay, “Moral Luck”, argues that blame is invalid, just like any other form of moral judgment. J.E.R. Squires writes that blame is not a punishment, but rather an opinion. Blame can be either right or wrong, however people are morally responsible for their actions in the end. Blaming is done for a reason that people never think about. People blame others to make them feel bad about the actions they did. This is to get the person to feel horrible about what they did and consequentially never to do that horrible act in the future. For example, if someone steals a candy bar from the store, and you approach the person about what you saw him or her do. They will feel embarrassed that they stole a silly candy bar, and feel guilty the next time they want to steal something. The result of confronting the 1
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person would be good because the thief will be less likely to steal again because they do not want to feel horrible. A person can blame another for wrongfully doing something, but one can also blame themselves for things that are occurring in there life. Children believe that adults can never do wrong so if something is going wrong it is there fault. This is in the cause of most family problems, where the children are in the middle of parents getting a divorce. The kids believe they are the reason that their parents are fighting, because before they came into the picture they were happy. This type of blame is not healthy and can result in bad consequences. Blame can be a good and bad tool depending on how it effects the person’s actions in the long run. How does one know if it is the right time to blame someone or not? Well to answer this question you have to look at different cases of when people are blamed. The example Squire gives of the old man who is sick shows that this mans health would go down, and may cause him to die if someone blames him for his wrongdoings. (Squire,
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