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diagnostic essay ethics

diagnostic essay ethics - Nadia Shahin Writing 140...

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Nadia Shahin Writing 140 Diagnostic Essay 28 August 2008 Ethics On a daily basis a person has to stop and think about the actions they are making. They must go through the pros and cons of acting on these and make sure that the outcome will greatly enhance the person surroundings rather than hurt them. A person ethics are portrayed by the way a person handles there surrounding such as people, and everything they encounter in an everyday life. Being able to choose the right thing to do is the most important part of ethics. People have many qualities when it comes to making a person ethical, but the most essential quality would be leadership. Parents, for example are perfect leaders. When they bare their children their main duty is to teach the newborn child what is right from wrong. A parent will tell a child when they are doing wrong such as drawing on the walls so in the future the child will know that they are not suppose to do that act. A child
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