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Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

A willingness and ability to take action is key to

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Unformatted text preview: on is key to effective leadership. Decisiveness and doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal are associated with independence in thought and actions. Managers who are independent do not ignore the opinions of others but are also not dependent on such input. This selfreliance helps them think strategically, make good decisions, and persevere in the face of obstacles. Organizations are placing increased value on interpersonal relationships, and managers who don't handle their emotions well, who lack understanding of themselves and others, and who are abrasive or abusive make others feel uncomfortable. That increases their chances of derailing. WHAT YOU CAN DO Emotional intelligence can be developed and enhanced, although doing so takes a lot of effort. Managers who are in danger of derailing because of poor interpersonal relationships are particularly good candidates for working on their emotional intelligence. In general, assessment and feedback instruments such as Benchmarks are good ways to begin improving emotional intelligence, followed by goal setting and a developmental experience that may take the form of classroom training, job assignments, simulations, coaching, or learning from a role model. Managers should identify and address any...
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