Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Building and mending relationships bosses assessments

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Unformatted text preview: ionships. Bosses' assessments of managers' abilities to develop and maintain solid working relationships with people inside and outside their organizations and to negotiate work-related problems without alienating people were linked to impulse control, and direct reports' ratings were associated with stress tolerance. These connections make a lot of sense: managers who are prone to explosive outbursts and an inability to control hostility don't do much to help their relationships with their bosses, and problematic relationships with direct reports often cause stress for managers, or conversely, managers' inability to cope with stress and adversity often results in poor relationships with the people they supervise. Doing whatever it takes. The leadership abilities of being perseverant and staying focused in the face of obstacles, of being action oriented and taking charge, and of taking a stand on one's own if required and at the same 6 time being open to learning from others were associated by managers' bosses and direct reports with the emotional intelligence component of independence. People who rate themselves...
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