Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Ccl has done this through a range of programs

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Unformatted text preview: his through a range of programs, simulations, publications, and tools--including Benchmarks, a 360-degree assessment instrument that measures leaders' strengths and development needs as compared with those of other leaders. Although CCL and others have long believed that people's levels of emotional competency are related to their effectiveness as leaders, little had been done to scientifically examine and document whether specific elements of emotional intelligence are linked to specific behaviors associated with leadership effectiveness and ineffectiveness--and if they are, how they are linked. With this goal, CCL designed and conducted a study that correlated Benchmarks results with scores from an assessment instrument through which people gauge their own emotional intelligence abilities (see the sidebar on page 5). Although the findings are not sufficient to state conclusively that leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence are better leaders, they do show that there are clear and basic connections between the higher ranges of emotional intelligence and the possession of skills and abilities associated with leadership excellence. Knowing and un...
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