Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Confronting problem employees peers assessments of

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Unformatted text preview: es. Peers' assessments of the degree to which managers were able to deal with difficult workers decisively and fairly were tied to the emotional intelligence measure of assertiveness. This indicates that being able to express one's feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in a constructive way is helpful in handling employees whose performance isn't up to par. Change management. Direct reports' ratings of their managers' effectiveness at implementing strategies to facilitate organizational change initiatives and overcome resistance to change were connected with the emotional intelligence ability of social responsibility. Peers' assessments of managers' change management skills were linked to the emotional intelligence measure of interpersonal relationship. Thus it appears that managers who are cooperative members of their social groups and who are adept at building and sustaining working relationships characterized by intimacy and affection are likely to also be good at leading change by example, involving others in change initiatives, and adjusting to changing situations. FAST TRACK TO NOWHERE The se...
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