Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

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Unformatted text preview: cond section of Benchmarks is designed to identify potential problem areas that can contribute to career derailment. The study found associations between two of these career-threatening flaws and certain aspects of emotional intelligence. Problems with interpersonal relationships. The connections between managers' difficulties in developing good working relations with others and managers' self-assessments of their emotional intelligence abilities were some of the most striking found in the study. From all three rater perspectives, managers who were seen as having problems with interpersonal relationships--a career flaw characterized by insensitivity, arrogance, impatience, authoritarianism, volatility, and other negative traits and behaviors--scored low on the emotional intelligence ability of impulse control. Interpersonal relationship ratings from direct reports and peers were related to stress tolerance, ratings from direct reports were associated with social responsibility, and bosses' assessments were connected with empathy. These results suggest that no...
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