Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Knowing and understanding these connections can give

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Unformatted text preview: derstanding these connections can give managers and executives additional ammunition in their efforts to enhance their leadership performance. STRONGEST LINKS The study comparing Benchmarks results with scores from the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-iTM), an assessment of emotional intelligence, found that ten of the sixteen skills and perspectives assessed by Benchmarks were strongly associated with one or more emotional intelli- 4 L I A VO LU M E 2 1 , N U M B E R 5 N OV E M B E R/ D EC E M B E R 20 0 1 gence measures. In other words, higher levels of certain emotional intelligence components appear to be connected to better performance in those ten areas. Benchmarks is also designed to identify potential problem areas that can contribute to derailment, which occurs when a manager who has previously been seen as successful and full of potential for continued advancement is instead fired, demoted, or held on a career plateau. Associations were also found between two of these careerthreatening flaws and certain aspects of emotional intelligence. Let's look first at...
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