Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Lets look first at the connections between emotional

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Unformatted text preview: the connections between emotional intelligence and leadership skills and perspectives: Participative management. Of all the skills and perspectives measured by Benchmarks, participative management had the highest number of meaningful correlations with measures of emotional intelligence. The essence of participative management is getting buy-in from colleagues at the beginning of an initiative by involving them, engaging them through listening and communicating, influencing them in the decisionmaking process, and building consensus. It is an important relationshipbuilding skill, especially in today's management environment, in which organizations value interdependency within and between groups. Depending on the Benchmarks rater (boss, peer, or direct report), scores in participative management were related to the emotional intelligence abilities of social responsibility (being a cooperative, contributing, and constructive member of one's social group), happiness (feeling satisfied with and deriving pleasure from life), interpersonal relationship (establishing and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships), impulse control (resisting impulsive behavior), emotional selfawareness (being in touch with one's own feelings), and empathy (understanding and appreciating the feelings of others). These correlations s...
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