Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

People who rate themselves highly on independence see

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Unformatted text preview: highly on independence see themselves as being self-directed and self-controlled in their thinking and actions and as being free of emotional dependency. Additionally, bosses' assessments of managers' ability to do whatever it takes were connected with assertiveness--expressing feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in a constructive way--and direct reports' ratings on this leadership skill were connected with optimism. So it appears that managers who are good at doing whatever it takes are more likely to be self-reliant, autonomous, and persistent and positive, even when they encounter adversity. Decisiveness. Managers said by their direct reports to prefer quick, unhesitating, and approximate actions over slow and precise moves gave themselves high marks on the emotional intelligence quality of independence. This indicates that managers who characterize themselves as independent thinkers and as being self-directed and self-controlled in their actions are more likely to be seen as decisive by the people who work for them. Confronting problem employe...
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