Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Self development leadership skills and emotional

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Unformatted text preview: Making the Connection Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence There is growing evidence that the range of abilities that constitutes what is now commonly known as emotional intelligence plays a key role in determining success in life and in the workplace. Recent CCL research has uncovered links between specific elements of emotional intelligence and specific behaviors associated with leadership effectiveness and ineffectiveness. S tuart is a senior manager at a well-known pharmaceutical company. He is brilliant, and everyone who knows him believes he has the potential to achieve great things. His primary strength is strategic thinking; colleagues say he has an uncanny ability to predict and plan for the future. As Stuart has advanced in the organization, however, his dark side has become increasingly apparent: he often lashes out at people, and he is unable to build relationships based on trust. Stuart knows he is intelligent and tends to use that knowledge to belittle or demean his co-workers. R...
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