Self Development - Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

These correlations suggest that managers who are

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Unformatted text preview: uggest that managers who are perceived as being skilled at listening to others and gaining their input before implementing change are likely also to see themselves as satisfied with life and good at cooperating, fostering relationships, controlling impulses, and understanding their own and others' emotions. Putting people at ease. People who are warm and have a good sense of humor are often able to make others feel at ease, relaxed, and comfortable in their presence. The connections between this skill and emotional intelligence qualities also varied according to who did the rating. The assessments by managers' direct reports indicated that the ability to put people at ease was related to impulse control, which suggests that not overreacting in difficult situations and avoiding knee-jerk responses such as quick anger go a long way toward making people feel relaxed. The assessments by bosses indicated that managers' ability to put others at ease was tied to the managers' own sense of happiness, suggesting that a manager's disposition is a determinant of how comfortable people feel in his or her presence. Self-awareness. Manag...
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