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Name: David Calderon TA: Jie Zhang Section: TH 7:35-9:25 Date: 03/05/09 PROJECTILE MOTION Abstract: Kinematics models on projectile motion follow Newton's laws of motion. This can be confirmed with the use of Newton's 1 st and 2 nd laws in experiments of projectile motion: 1. x = v x t 2. y = y 0 1 2 g t 2 ¿
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I OBJECTIVE Verify or invalidate the kinematics model of simple projectile motion based on Newton's laws of motion. II PROCEDURE The equipment in this experiment required an apparatus consisting of an inclined plane connected to a a guided track with photogates 1 and 2 at the connecting and opposite end of the guided track, respectively. The guided track lead to a drop where a time of flight accessory (called photogate 3 for future reference) was on the floor and connected, along with the photogates, to a science workshop interface. Photogate 3 included carbon paper and a plain printer paper on its surface for reasons explained further on in this report. Before continuing, a meter stick was used to determine the initial height of when the ball would begin projectile motion. A ball is released from the incline 5 times from the same position so that it falls directly on the top surface of photogate 3. The science workshop interface recorded the time the ball took to pass through photogates 1 and 2 and the time
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Report4 - Name: TA: Section: Date: David Calderon Jie Zhang...

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