4 for an overloaded function name the meaning of the

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Unformatted text preview: d function name, the meaning of the function name is determined by context (see 2.3 and 10.5). It is an error if the function does not meet the requirements of a resolution function (see 2.4). The presence of a resolution function name has no effect on the declarations of objects other than signals or on the declarations of files, aliases, attributes, or other subtypes. If the subtype indication does not include a constraint, the subtype is the same as that denoted by the type mark. The condition imposed by a constraint is the condition obtained after evaluation of the expressions and ranges forming the constraint. The rules defining compatibility are given for each form of constraint in the appropriate section clause8. These rules are such that if a constraint is compatible with a subtype, then the condition imposed by the constraint cannot contradict any condition already imposed by the subtype on its values. An error occurs if any check of compatibility fails. The direction of a discrete subtype indication is the same as the direction of the range constraint that appears as the constraint of the subtype indication. If no constraint is...
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