69 ieee std p1076a 1999 2000d3 ieee standard vhdl 3

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Unformatted text preview: L 3--Named association may not be used when invoking implicitly defined operations operators48, since the formal parameters of these operators are not named (see 7.2). 4--Since information flows only from the actual to the formal when the mode of the formal is in, and since a function call is itself an expression, the actual associated with a formal of object class constant is never interpreted as a conversion function or a type conversion converting an actual designator that is an expression. Thus, the following association element is legal: Param => F (open) under the conditions that Param is a constant formal and F is a function returning the same base type as that of Param and having one or more parameters, all of which may be defaulted.5--No It is an error if a49 conversion function or type conversion may appear appears50 in the actual part when the actual designator is open. 4.3.3 Alias declarations An alias declaration declares an alternate name for an existing named entity. alias_declaration ::= alias alias_designator [ : sub...
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