A multiple object declaration is equivalent to a

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Unformatted text preview: is equivalent to a sequence of the corresponding number of single-object declarations. For each identifier of the list, the equivalent sequence has a single-object declaration formed by this identifier, followed by a colon and by whatever appears at the right of the colon in the multiple-object declaration; the equivalent sequence is in the same order as the identifier list. A similar equivalence applies also for interface object declarations (see 4.3.2). NOTE --The subelements of a composite, declared object are not declared objects. Constant declarations A constant declaration declares a constant of the specified type. Such a constant is an explicitly declared constant. constant_declaration ::= constant identifier_list : subtype_indication [ := expression ] ; If the assignment symbol ":=" followed by an expression is present in a constant declaration, the expression specifies the value of the constant; the type of the expression must be that of the constant. The value of a const...
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