A port interface list consists entirely of interface

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Unformatted text preview: ntirely of interface signal declarations. A parameter interface list may contain interface constant declarations, interface signal declarations, interface variable declarations, interface file declarations, or any combination thereof. A name that denotes an interface object may must41 not appear in any interface declaration within the interface list containing the denoted interface object except to declare this object. NOTE --The above restriction makes the following three interface lists illegal: entity E is generic (G1:INTEGER; G2:INTEGER := G1); port (P1:STRING; P2: STRING(P1'RANGE)); procedure X (Y1, Y2: INTEGER;Y3: INTEGER range Y1 to Y2); end E; However, the following interface lists are legal: -- illegal -- illegal -- illegal entity E is generic(G1, G2, G3, G4:INTEGER); port(P1, P2:STRING (G1 to G2)); procedure X(Y3:INTEGER range G3 to G4); end E; Association lists An association list establishes correspondences between formal or local generic, port, or parameter names on the one hand and local or actual names or expressions on the other. association_list ::= association_ele...
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