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An association element is said to be named if the

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Unformatted text preview: med if the formal designator appears explicitly; otherwise, it is said to be positional. For a positional association, an actual designator at a given position in an association list corresponds to the interface element at the same position in the interface list. Named associations can be given in any order, but if both positional and named associations appear in the same association list, then all positional associations must occur first at their normal position. Hence once a named association is used, the rest of the association list must use only named associations. In the following, the term actual refers to an actual designator, and the term formal refers to a formal designator. The formal part of a named element association association element42 may be in the form of a function call, where the single argument of the function is the formal designator itself, if and only if the mode of the formal is out, inout, buffer, or linkage, and if the actual is not open. In this case, the function name must de...
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