An interface object has one of the following modes in

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Unformatted text preview: ne of the following modes: in. The value of the interface object may only be read. In addition, any attributes is allowed to be read, but it must not be updated. Reading an attribute27 of the interface object may be read, except that attributes is allowed, unless the interface object is a subprogram signal parameter and the attribute is one of 'STABLE, 'QUIET, 'DELAYED, and 'TRANSACTION, `DRIVING, or `DRIVING_VALUE28 of a subprogram signal parameter may not be read within the corresponding subprogram29. For a file object, operation ENDFILE is allowed. out. The value of the interface object may be updated is allowed to be updated, but it must not be read30. Reading the attributes of the interface element, other than the predefined attributes 'STABLE, 'QUIET, 'DELAYED, 'TRANSACTION, 'EVENT, 'ACTIVE, 'LAST_EVENT, 'LAST_ACTIVE, and 'LAST_VALUE, is allowed. No other reading is allowed. inout. The Reading and updating the31 value of the interface object may be both read and updated is allowed32. Reading the attributes of...
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