Clause 4 language reference manual ieee std p1076a

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Unformatted text preview: MANUAL IEEE Std P1076a-1999 2000/D3 Variable declarations A variable declaration declares a variable of the specified type. Such a variable is an explicitly declared variable. variable_declaration ::= [ shared ] variable identifier_list : subtype_indication [ := expression ] ; A variable declaration that includes the reserved word shared is a shared variable declaration. A shared variable declaration declares a shared variable. Shared variables are a subclass of the variable class of objects. The base type of the subtype indication of a shared variable declaration must be a protected type. Variables declared immediately within entity declarations, architecture bodies, packages, package bodies, and blocks must be shared variables. Variables declared immediately within subprograms and processes must not be shared variables. Variables may appear in protected type bodies; such variables, which must not be shared variables, represent shared data. If a given variable declaration appears (directly or indirectly) within a protected type body, then the base type denoted by the subtype indication of the variable declaration may must14 not be the protected type defined by the protected type body. If the variable declaration incl...
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