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Unformatted text preview: onent identifier [ is ] [ local_generic_clause ] [ local_port_clause ] end component [ component_simple_name ] ; Each interface object in the local generic clause declares a local generic. Each interface object in the local port clause declares a local port. If a simple name appears at the end of a component declaration, it must repeat the identifier of the component declaration. 4.6 Group template declarations A group template declaration declares a group template, which defines the allowable classes of named entities that can appear in a group. group_template_declaration ::= group identifier is ( entity_class_entry_list ) ; entity_class_entry_list ::= entity_class_entry { , entity_class_entry } entity_class_entry ::= entity_class [ <> ] A group template is characterized by the number of entity class entries and the entity class at each position. Entity classes are described in 5.1. An entity class entry that is an entity class defines the entity class that may appear at that position in the group type. An entity class entry that includes a box (...
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