Examples group pin2pin is signal signal group resource

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Unformatted text preview: <>) allows zero or more group constituents to appear in this position in the corresponding group declaration; such an entity class entry must be the last one within the entity class entry list. Examples: group PIN2PIN is (signal, signal); group RESOURCE is (label <>); group DIFF_CYCLES is (group <>); -- Groups of this type consist of two signals. -- Groups of this type consist of any number of labels. -- A group of groups. 4.7 Group declarations A group declaration declares a group, a named collection of named entities. Named entities are described in 5.1. 58. Terminological correction. 74 Copyright 2000, IEEE. All rights reserved. This is an unapproved IEEE Standards Draft, subject to change. Clause 4 LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL IEEE Std P1076a-1999 2000/D3 group_declaration ::= group identifier : group_template_name ( group_constituent_list ) ; group_constituent_list ::= group_constituent { , group_constituent } group_constituent ::= name | character_literal It is an er...
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