For a guarded signal that is of a composite type each

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Unformatted text preview: nal that is of a composite type, each subelement is likewise a guarded signal. For a guarded signal that is of an array type, each slice (see 6.5) is likewise a guarded signal. A guarded signal may be assigned values under the control of Boolean-valued guard expressions (or guards).When a given guard becomes False, the drivers of the corresponding guarded signals are implicitly assigned a null transaction (see 8.4.1) to cause those drivers to turn off. A disconnection specification (see 5.3) is used to specify the time required for those drivers to turn off. If the signal declaration includes the assignment symbol followed by an expression, it must be of the same type as the signal. Such an expression is said to be a default expression. The default expression defines a default value associated with the signal or, for a composite signal, with each scalar subelement thereof. For a signal declared to be of a scalar subtype, the value of the default expression is the default value of the signal. For a signal decl...
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