For a signal declared to be of a composite subtype

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Unformatted text preview: ared to be of a composite subtype, each scalar subelement of the value of the default expression is the default value of the corresponding subelement of the signal. In the absence of an explicit default expression, an implicit default value is assumed for a signal of a scalar subtype or for each scalar subelement of a composite signal, each of which is itself a signal of a scalar subtype. The implicit default value for a signal of a scalar subtype T is defined to be that given by T'LEFT. -- a deferred constant 11. IR1000.4.7. Clause 4 Copyright 2000, IEEE. All rights reserved. This is an unapproved IEEE Standards Draft, subject to change. 59 IEEE Std P1076a-1999 2000/D3 IEEE STANDARD VHDL It is an error if a signal declaration declares a signal that is of a file type, an access type, a protected type, or a composite type having a subelement that is a file type, an access type, or a protected type. It is also an error if a guarded signal of a scalar type is neither a resolved signal nor a subelement of a resolved signal. A signal may have one or...
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