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Unformatted text preview: plicitly declared interface object must be associated exactly once with an actual (or subelement thereof) in the same association list, and all such associations must appear in a contiguous sequence within that association list. Each association element that associates a slice or subelement (or slice thereof) of an interface object must identify the formal with a locally static name. If an interface element in an interface list includes a default expression for a formal generic, for a formal port of any mode other than linkage, or for a formal variable or constant parameter of mode in, then any corresponding association list need not include an association element for that interface element. If the association element is not included in the association list, or if the actual is open, then the value of the default expression is used as the actual expression or signal value in an implicit association element for that interface element. It is an error if an actual of open is associated with a formal that is associated individually. An actual of open counts as the single associa...
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