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Unformatted text preview: renced in such a way is the same attribute (and therefore has the same value) as the attribute referenced by using the declared name of the object as the prefix. 56. To conform to IEEE rules. 57. IR1000.4.7. Clause 4 Copyright 2000, IEEE. All rights reserved. This is an unapproved IEEE Standards Draft, subject to change. 73 IEEE Std P1076a-1999 2000/D3 IEEE STANDARD VHDL 3--A user-defined attribute of a port, signal, variable, or constant of some composite type is an attribute of the entire port, signal, variable, or constant, not of its elements. If it is necessary to associate an attribute with each element of some composite object, then the attribute itself can be declared to be of a composite type such that for each element of the object, there is a corresponding element of the attribute. 4.5 Component declarations A component declaration declares a virtual design entity interface an interface to a virtual design entity58 that may be used in a component instantiation statement. A component configuration or a configuration specification can be used to associate a component instance with a design entity that resides in a library. component_declaration ::= comp...
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