If the variable declaration includes the assignment

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Unformatted text preview: udes the assignment symbol followed by an expression, the expression specifies an initial value for the declared variable; the type of the expression must be that of the variable. Such an expression is said to be an initial value expression. A variable declaration, whether it is a shared variable declaration or not, whose subtype indication denotes a protected type may must15 not have an initial value expression (nor may it moreover, it must not16 include the immediately preceding assignment symbol). If an initial value expression appears in the declaration of a variable, then the initial value of the variable is determined by that expression each time the variable declaration is elaborated. In the absence of an initial value expression, a default initial value applies. The default initial value for a variable of a scalar subtype T is defined to be the value given by T'LEFT. The default initial value of a variable of a composite type is defined to be the aggregate of the default initial values of all of its scalar subelements, each of which is itself a variable of a scalar subtype. The default initial value of a v...
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