The class of an explicitly declared object is

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Unformatted text preview: clared object is specified by the reserved word that must or may appear at the beginning of the declaration of that object. For a given object of a composite type, each subelement of that object is itself an object of the same class and subclass, if any, as the given object. The value of a composite object is the aggregation of the values of its subelements. Objects declared by object declarations are available for use within blocks, processes, subprograms, or packages. Loop and generate parameters are implicitly declared by the corresponding statement and are available for use only within that statement. Other objects, declared by interface declarations, create channels for the communication of values between independent parts of a description. 4.3.1 Object declarations An object declaration declares an object of a specified type. Such an object is called an explicitly declared object. object_declaration ::= constant_declaration | signal_declaration | variable_declaration | file_declaration An object declaration is called a single-object declaration if its identifier list has a single identifier; it is called a multiple-object declaration if the identifier list has two or more identifiers. A multiple-object declaration...
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